The New ‘F’ Word – Feminism.

Unfortunately, this has become a reviled word.

There is a perception that feminists and feminism is about man-hate rather than all people having equal opportunities.

We need to change this perception.

We need to bring feminism back to believing that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men.

We know that equality does not exist. In a gender equality report put out by the U. N., they say that domestic violence won’t be eliminated till there is gender equality. And it is projected that the gender gap won’t be closed for 170 years

Yet younger women today claim not to be feminists. I believe this is because they do not understand the meaning of feminism. They believe in equality, but think that feminists are all man haters and lesbians.

Remember when the “F” word was a four letter word. Now everybody just says it, and the frightful “F” word has become feminism.

All About Women is here to inform and change attitudes about feminism and engage a new generation of feminists so it doesn’t take 170 years to achieve equality.