I watched a special on Julia Gillard a few Sunday nights ago…and almost couldn’t see it through.

The derogatory, insulting, and just plain dumb response to Gillard made me sick.

Towards the end there was a radio interview with some stupid jock and she struggled and struggled to be polite to this ignoramus.

At the time she was the Prime Minister of the country and the normal civilities did not extend to her presumably because she is a woman.

Abbott who is a bigoted moron received more polite treatment than this deep thinking and very compassionate woman.

I have never seen any male politician talked down to in the way some of these male interviewers spoke to her.

How dare an interviewer ask her on camera whether she loved the bloke with whom she lives??? You don’t even ask your best friend this question.

I could see her trying to weigh up her response, which was choosing between putting this ignorant bloke in his place and then leaving herself open to more witch/bitch commentary, or staying pleasant and giving the topic credibility.

Then there was the time with the dreadful Alan Jones, the man who, it is alleged has a dark and seamy past and a very bigoted present.

Poor Julia was running 9 minutes late and he castigated her as though she was a promiscuous teenager. Again she was caught in the trap of having to be polite in the face of reprehensible and uncalled for aggression form this vile man. Shocking!

How about the menu for the Liberal Party function?

“Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail: small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box.” Isn’t that disgusting, uncivilised, tasteless, crass and unacceptable.

What part of these people allowed them to be so crude about the Prime Minister of this country, or indeed any woman?

Was there no one in authority who had some semblance of taste that could veto the descent into this filthy quagmire?

It was just dreadful to see all that misogyny played out in one hour – day after day, night after night.

And as for Greer, she needs to be stripped of her feminist title and expelled from the sisterhood for her comments on Gillard’s dress sense.

Julia Gillard’s taste in clothing has nothing to do with the governing of the country nor her intellect.

It was more than disappointing to witness Greer jumping on the “lets bag her ‘cos she’s female bandwagon.” Germaine Greer, who has been one of the most significant promoters of women’s rights for over 50 years, is certainly no icon of female fashion sense

But I’m not going to comment on something as mundane, tedious and irrelevant as her taste in clothes because I just don’t care how she dresses.

I do, however, care about her lack of judgement and support for the first female Prime Minister of our country who displayed extraordinary insight, compassion and intellect in the face of the most extreme, misogynistic response to her role as head of our Government.

The whole programme was a dreadful indictment of our society and it really did worry the feminist in me to observe the aggression from the males to a woman in power.

Makes me realise the validity of the “Nordic Paradox” claim of a backlash against women as they become more empowered.

Also makes me realise that in lots of ways we haven’t come very far!