All About Women

To be or not to be a feminist that is the question – or does it even matter?

All About Women is all about the elimination of all discrimination against women. Women’s rights are human rights! Discrimination violates a woman’s human rights.

Discrimination against women comes in many forms – violence, harassment, rape and sexual assault, coercive control, put downs, mocking and bullying, genital mutilation, paedophilia, underage marriage, underpayment of wages etc.

The UN Committee on the Status of Women states – women work 66% of the world’s working hours, produce 50% the world’s food but only earn 10% of the world’s income and own only 1% of the world’s property. That’s the outcome of discrimination.

Violence against women is increasing throughout the world. It is feared that this is caused by a backlash by those male perpetrators reacting against the improved position of women. Violence against women is unacceptable. That violence against women is increasing is absolutely unacceptable.

As a female your rights are being violated if not by violence or harassment, then by the gender pay gap which means in Australia you are paid 17% less than a male for the same work.

Feminism is a movement working for equality for women and the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.

It doesn’t matter whether you call yourself a feminist, what matters is that you support eradicating discrimination against women…. which actually by definition makes you a feminist…not a man hater, just a person who believes in the right of all women to be treated equally.

It is now over 50 years since this wave of feminism started its work and the pace of change has slowed. We have to continue to work and fight for our rights to be recognised.

All About Women is currently working on producing a play, The New “F” Word, which focusses on discrimination against women, and particularly on the issues of domestic violence and rape.

There are two versions of the play, one of which is specifically designed for high school audiences as it is at this age that dangerous attitudes are formed.

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