Writer and producer

Gillian Levett

All About Women is all about changing the perception of Feminism.
Unfortunately Feminism has become a reviled word.
There is a perception that feminists and feminism is about man-hate rather than all people having equal opportunities.
We need to change this perception.
I’m currently working on a play, The New ‘F’ Word, that will help educate a new generation of people about feminism and help people understand why feminism is still relevant.

The New ‘F’ Word

‘The New ‘F’ Word is designed to confront and inform. And change attitudes.

It is not a conventional play. It is more a dramatised lecture with characters bringing it to life and enough humour to keep it engaging.


It is said that Domestic Violence and Rape will not be eradicated till there is gender equality as DV is a function of inequality. According to the United Nations, equality is at least 170 years away – which means maybe 15,000,000 (15 million) more dead women worldwide and nearly 10,000 in Australia.

Who is prepared to live with that statistic?

The New ‘F’ Word is a play about the continuing relevance of feminism in a world where harassment, rape and domestic violence are far too commonplace.

We follow the journey of a Girl who does not consider herself a feminist, and her progress through life as she encounters rape, workplace harassment and then domestic violence.

We see her mother, a magistrate, in her workplace with her two magistrate colleagues. Inevitably the talk turns to women’s issues, when they suddenly discover they can enter an alternative reality as their namesakes – Judge Judy, Joan of Arc and the Queen of Hearts.

In this place they conduct the trial of a gang rapist and confront a domestic violence perpetrator, giving vent to their frustrations and anger at the degradation and violence many women have to endure.

There are many statistics in the early scenes. When reading the play this may seem tedious, but everyone who has been at the various readings of the play, comments that hearing all those statistics condensed into a couple of scenes is very affecting.

They are not surprised by any single statistic but the accumulation of all these statistics makes them absolutely shocking .

The New ‘F’ Word is designed to confront and inform and hopefully change attitudes.

It is not a conventional play, not being character driven. It is more a dramatized lecture with characters bringing it to life and enough humour to keep it engaging.

The lead character, about whom we care, is Everywoman.

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